Bridge Update for March 2014
Thanks to many of YOU, dedicated El-O-Win supporters, we are finally in a position to proceed with the bridge project.  Recently, the Friends of Camp El-O-Win Board accepted the bid from the Excel Bridge Manufacturing Company to fabricate the new footbridge that will join the north and south sides of camp across Dinkey Creek.

At this time, Excel Manufacturing Company has created the shop drawings for the project.  The structural engineer is working to complete the design specifications for the bridge footings.  Then, the paperwork to apply for the county permit will be submitted.

The bridge will be manufactured in four sections and delivered by truck to the intersection of Camp El-O-Win's dirt road and Dinkey Creek Road (about a mile from the camp gate).  The installation contractor will transport the bridge sections into camp and prep them.  The actual installation (setting the sections on the footings and bolting them together) should occur in one day so that disturbance of the creek is minimized.

At this time, the plan is for the new footings to be built in June and the bridge to be installed in late July or early August.  Please join us for the Bridge Dedication event scheduled for August 16th.  Check out this website to sign up for the Bridge Dedication event and follow the progress  of Camp El-O-Win's new bridge.