Building the Bridge

One of the many wonderful things we saw at camp in 2012 was a parent of a camper, who also is an engineer, hopping along the rocks of Dinkey Creek and enthusing about bridges.  He made several trips to test the old bridge footings and imagine the bridge and look at bridge designs.  He was so excited about the project and rallied the Friends with ideas, designs and people to help. So now, The Friends of Camp El-O-Win are ready to rebuild the Camp El-O-Win footbridge across Dinkey Creek that was destroyed in 2002.

Our fantastic civil engineer is working with our original structural engineer to complete the drawings required for the Fresno County building permit.

Here is what has been done:

  • Reduced the cost significantly by modifying the design so it can be prefabricated in the valley as modules and connected together on site;
  • Completed the bedrock testing for the concrete supports;
  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife permit submitted; and
  • Updated cost estimates from two bridge manufacturers.

Here is what we are working on:

  • Raising money;
  • Engineering and plans for the concrete supports (almost complete); and
  • Fresno County construction permit is ready for submittal pending completion of the concrete support design.

We are scheduled to install the bridge in the summer of 2014.  The projected cost for the bridge and related infrastructure is $300,000.  We cannot start the permitting and ordering process until we have the finances to do the job.

As of April 20, 2013, the final fundraising push has begun.  Nearly $100,000 is in the bank or in pledges.  We need to raise another $200,000 for the replacement bridge and infrastructure.  You can read about the 3rd annual dinner and silent auction on this webpage and watch for other fundraising events.

The Camp El-O-Win bridge across Dinkey Creek was destroyed in a winter storm in 2002, eliminating useful access to the north side of camp and most of the camp's sleeping units.  Since then, the Friends of Camp El-O-Win have run weekend programs with the volunteers on the south side.  Nearly 600 happy campers are served each summer.  The footbridge will provide easy access to the north side of camp, allowing us to use the entire camp and resume resident camping.

We need your help and YOU can help us meet our goal!  Any donation, no matter how small puts us that much closer to building the bridge.  Check out our DONATE page to see how you can donate!