Support for Maintenance and Upkeep
All repairs are currently done by volunteers.  Camp buildings and systems need some crucial repairs that our volunteers are not equipped to handle, such as: four buildings desparately in need of metal roofs; the antiquated plumbing systems in the Camper Shower House;  the removal of slash piles from lumbering projects before our ownership: and the Infirmary's water heater venting structure.  Lumber, paint and other supplies are needed for building upkeep and other annual mainenance tasks.

Wish List: Select something from our list and get your friends to join with you in supporting Camp El-O-Win.  If you would rather send us the funds, we will purchase the item you have selected and get it to camp.  Click on LIST.

Donate $50,000 and have a building at Camp El-O-Win named after you:  Buildings include administrative and support staff cabins, an office, infirmary, trading post, a tack shed, tool shed, 2 shower houses, sleeping structures in camper units, etc.

Donate $100,000 and have a living unit at Camp El-O-Win named after you:  A living unit is the area where girls sleep.  El-O-Win has six units.  Each has a sleeping structure, a biffy (Bathroom In Forest For You) and a campfire circle.  Sleeping structures are geared to the age of the camper: cabins, wooden teepees, Adirondack shelters, platform tents.  Most units have 3-5 sleeping structures and a counselor cabin,  Currently, all units have names of Native American Tribes.
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