May Camping at El-O-Win
Troop 743 from Exeter planned to go snow camping when they reserved a May weekend at El-O-Win.  Advised that it was risky because depending on the weather, road conditions, snow or mud, it is often difficult if not impossible to get into camp.  This did not deter Cindy Hogan and her experienced group of campers.  They were up for the challenge.  So to Camp El-O-Win they drove and discovered blue skies, beautiful t-shirt weather and a weekend of FUN, FUN FUN!  The great weather enabled the Friends of Camp El-O-Win volunteers to get into camp and hook up the water system in time for this hardy group of campers to have running water.  Imagine the luxury!  So good for you Troop are troopers!  And the next weekend, it snowed!
And the next weekend, it snowed!
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